Lewisfield SunGal #27582

Lewisfield SunGal #27582

“The spirit of the Arab is like the wind;
Try as you might, you cannot capture it,
but, if one can be still enough,
it will enter your heart and capture your soul.”
~ author unknown

I wish to start by thanking a special friend, Kim Johnson, for without her generosity I would not have come to own this great mare.

So as I begin, I would like to make this my personal tribute to a grand lady, Lewisfield SunGal, who I’ve come to know and cherish. ~ Gaye Schaufus-Myers

Lewisfield SunGal was born February 15, 1964, at the Lewisfield Farms in Charlottesville, Virginia, among the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. SunGal is the result of a full brother, full sister mating. Making Lewisfield SunGal one of the few remaining double *Raffles granddaughters alive today. SunGal is also a full sister to the legendary stallion, Lewisfield Sun God. This champion stallion’s career was cut short, at the young age of three, and later he had to be put down at the age of seven, because of founder. Leaving Sun God with just twenty-four offspring to carry on his legacy.

Lewisfield SunGal’s sire, Aaraf #2748 (*Raffles #952 x Aarah #1184) was a National Show Horse, who in his time, won First Place Arabian at the Chicago Horse Show and was two time winner of the National Stallion Show in Iowa. Aaraf was bred and owned by the Tormohlen’s of Ben Hur Farms in Portland, Indiana. Aaraf was said to have had a bold trot with a very smooth canter, and plenty of hock action, which he was known to pass on to his get. SunGal’s dam, Aarafa #2872 (*Raffles #952 x Aarah #1184) was also bred at Ben Hur Farms, and a successful show horse. Being top winner in Arabian Saddle and winning the Arabian Stake and Champion Arabian at the National Horse Show in Pennsylvania. Aarafa was still alive and well at the age of thirty-two, and enjoying her days out at pasture.

Lewisfield SunGal has had twelve foals to date. Seven being fillies, with four colts, and one gelding. All SunGal’s progeny are still alive today and some are still active in the show ring along with being used for breeding.

SunGal’s first foal was bred by James F. Lewis, Jr.. The result being a grey filly named Sunflower #60015, born July 8, 1969, and sired by Jankadraff #28812 (Janaraff #14727 x La-Kada #14575). This was SunGals’ only grey foal, and to be her last time bred by Mr. Lewis. He became very disappointed in SunGal, as Lewis felt she just could not measure up to Lewisfield Sun God. So in 1970, SunGal was sold to Jandale Acres in Landrum, S. Carolina, where she produced three more offspring. The first being Mosaraff #88193, a bay colt. Mosaraff was born March 30, 1972, and also sired by Jankadraff. Later he was sold and regretfully gelded at the age of two. It was felt at the time, with Mosaraff being of smaller stature that this would only hinder him in the breeding area, as the trend had already begun to breed for the larger Arabians. As Mosaraff matured he measured 14.2 hands. He also went on to be used as a pleasure mount, and is said to be a great trail horse.

The next foal SunGal produced for Jandale Acres was a chestnut filly, JA Raffseyna #119384, born May 11, 1974, and sired by Le Gato #38287 (El Gato #9075 x La-Kada #14575). SunGal was bred again to Le Gato to produce Moonlite Sunata #147952. Another chestnut filly born April 14, 1976. Soon after this, Lewisfield SunGal was purchased by Annette Patti of Phara Farms, then in Wisconsin. It was here that SunGal produced four more offspring. The first being Mourning Sun #176428, foaled May 1, 1978, and sired by SunGod Reflection #123471 (Golden Reflection #49042 x Sun God Heiress #52474). SunGal was again bred to SunGod Reflection to produce Phara Sun Gold #197340, born in June of 1979. Both fillies, Mourning Sun and Phara Sun Gold, were purchased by Mrs. Kildahl in California. I was told that Phara Sun Gold had been sold to a couple in Hawaii.

Annette then bred SunGal to The Midnight Sun #176430 (Golden Reflection #49042 x Sun God Heiress #52474) and the resulting foal was a chestnut filly Phara Flaming Sun #247895. “Sissy” as she is affectionately called, is owned by Patricia De Nuzzo of Ohio and has been in Dressage training doing very well. SunGal was bred once again to The Midnight Sun, and was then purchased by Sharon Blackwell of Whiskey Run Ranch in Ohio. It was here that Lewisfield SunGal produced the beautiful colt, The Sun Idol #265790. Born on July 22, 1982. Sun Idol has gone on to become a Class “A” English Pleasure winner, and a Most Classic winner.

SunGal’s next foal was bred by Sharon, resulting in a liver chestnut colt, The Sun Devil #330001. Sired by Golden Reflection #49042 (Golden Pharao #28921 x Aazkafra #15523), The Sun Devil was born in May of 1984 and is being used as a breeding stallion. SunGal was then bred to Moubasan #186956 (Shaikh Al Badi #54456 x Ruminaja-Dalal #91917) producing a lovely chestnut filly, Moshaika #349330, which I was told Sharon wishes she’d never sold. Another stallion, Windborn Beaujon #284292 (My-Bagic #80305 x Beautte #120016) which Sharon owned, was bred to SunGal, and on July 2, 1987, a bay colt was born. Sun Magic #408816. This was to be Lewisfield SunGal’s last foal at Whiskey Run Ranch. SunGal, now being in her twenties, was sold to Kim Johnson of Lockport, New York. Where at the age of twenty-six she produced a chestnut colt, The Aafrican Sun #455490, sired by Bay Rajah++ #122787 (Fa-Rajah #22168 x Tabi #27665). Kim has since shown The Aafrican Sun in his first futurity, and taken a third amongst strong competition. He is a striking colt with lots of action and type, following in the tradition of his ancestors.

SunGal now resides in Vermont, and it is here she will stay, until her time has come to leave us…so for now my strongest hope is to be able to keep Lewisfield SunGal’s own legacy alive. She will be bred to her grandson, Heir to the Sun #432651 (The Sun Idol #265790 x Magic Silhouette #133726). This beautiful colt, Heir to the Sun, was bred by Suzen Whitaker of Innesfree Farm in Ohio, and now makes his home here in Vermont.

You’ve come a long way “Ole Gal”, from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, to the green mountains of Vermont. May you continue to live out your life in peace and contentment, for you truely are a grand lady….

Note: I regret not being able to locate all of SunGal’s offspring as to their where abouts, I do not know. I had made several attempts but with no success. So if anyone should know the where abouts of Sunflower #60015, JA Raffseyna #119384, or Moonlite Sunata #147952, could you please contact me?

I also wish to take this opportunity to thank Annette Weber and Sharon Blackwell for all of their help, and a “special” thanks to Kim who had come to love “Granny” as much as I do today.

Article written by: Gaye Myers (originally printed in The Arabian Horse Express, March 1993 Crabbet issue)

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