Sunh-Kyst Arabians welcomes you to a little piece of our paradise….

Where we believe things that are natural are never without a certain elegance and grace…

Sunh-Kyst Arabians is a small farm located in the “Northeast Kingdom” of Vermont. We started back in 1986 with a dream that I had made for myself, when I first visited Vermont back in 1968: Which was to move to Vermont and raise Arabians!

some of our horses out enjoying the day
Some of our horses out enjoying the day.

Once I saw the picture of “Eclipse ofthe Sun” in the Arabian Horse World, stallion edition….He literally stopped me in my tracks….When I saw his head photo, he was so elegant, and shown totally in an all natural state; not all clipped up, greased and made to look “pretty”. Eclipse was just gorgeous, naturally. I had to find out about this stallion! So I embarked on a journey that has now taken me to over twenty years of breeding and raising the Lewisfield/Phara bred horses.

They were, and still are, the most breathtaking horses I have ever seen….

Our goal will always be, to continue on with Annette Weber’s dream of  perpetuating the Lewisfield Sun God horses from Phara Farm. Annette will be leaving us an unbelievable group of horses, that she has dedicated her life to breeding.

Last Updated: January 2nd, 2018

Sunh Kyst Arabians - where beauty abounds in our private paradise located in Vermont!
The beauty that surrounds our private oasis here at Sunh Kyst Arabians!